Renter friendly shelving

I love options. Sadly, as a renter I have few of these when it comes to decor and organisation. Keeping in mind “nothing’s permanent,” I stare at our bare-walled, neutral coloured home and sigh at times.. Fortunately there’s hope for the bathroom!

I hated having cluttered counters and not enough room in drawers. I started shopping around for options.

All you need:

Command strips

cord clips or open hooks

Bathroom wall racks

Thats it!

  1. Clean and clear the space on the wall.
  2. Attach the Command strip to the back of the hook. (Looking back on it now, I think it looks better with the longest end of the strip hanging down rather than up.)
  3. Hold your racks up to the wall where you want them to set, adjust to your liking. Hold a finger/use a pencil?/make a mark or mental note.
  4. Attach the other side of the Command strips to the wall and press. (The directions are also on the Command strip box.)
  5. Wait a little bit (maybe an hour?) before adding your racks to the hooks. I didn’t wait much longer than that myself.
  6. Clear off those counters! YAY!
The number of clips/strips you need depend on what you’re hanging. For my bottom shelf, I added 2x on the inside for added support to the end hooks. 
I also used cable hooks instead of open hooks for a little added support.
While you’re at it, take back your kitchen counter tops!  If you don’t want the racks out in the open, consider another overlooked place: inside cabinet doors
and below your kitchen sink.